Our aim is to support the public sector in five different V4+ countries in their work with citizens.

Urban markets, that once flourished has not adjusted well to the changing needs of citizens. 

PLACCC is conceived as an event organised on an annual basis with the aim of introducing the genre of site-specific performance to the Hungarian public. 

A four-day workshop conference and happening about Rákóczi square, at Rákóczi square with people from Rákóczi square. 

How can cooperative urban projects improve our cities? Stories, case studies, numbers and methods from the Cooperative City Magazine.

It is a year-round educational program on social entrepreneurship dedicated to students and it is hosted by Impact HUB Budapest in Hungary.

How to motivate residents playfully to make their city more livable? What makes a city more livable, more lovable more colorful and what motivates residents to form happy communities?

SHARED CITIES: Creative Momentum (SCCM) is on a mission to improve the quality of life in European cities. By exploring aspects of sharing and urban design we are creating new ways of living in our cities. Together.

A free Budapest map made by locals to guide young travelers through the locals’ favorite places in the Hungarian capital.

The first Ciclovia Budapest event is organized by NGO's of Budapest on 21th of September 2014 to promote the importance of the car-free streets.

The „100 words about Budapest” is the first practical project, which was consciously geared to Smart City Budapest by Mindspace.

For a night in May, vocal music fills not only the concert halls, but the streets, squares and hidden corners of 8th district in Budapest.