Placcc Festival

PLACCC is conceived as an event organised on an annual basis with the aim of introducing the genre of site-specific performance to the Hungarian public. The festival will also serve as a platform for dialogue about the city we inhabit and an opportunity for interdisciplinary encounters not only between international and Hungarian artists, but also academics of related fields (such as sociology, anthropology, urbanism) and architects.

Presenting site specific work is a way of making people aware of art work that overcomes the boundaries of art as they know it. Audiences will have a chance to encounter new artistic experiences and at the same time, get to know another aspect of the city where they live, the urban spaces that art can also use and inhabit.

A festival focusing on site-specific work opens new horizons for artists and programmers alike, as it results in engaging and meeting new audiences and also puts artistic work into a different perspective, by taking away the not only ’physically’ perceived walls around arts institutions, but also the ‘elitist’ approach often attributed to contemporary arts.