Mind the Game conference

How to motivate residents playfully to make their city more livable? What makes a city more livable, more lovable more colorful and what motivates residents to form happy communities?

Mind the game conference searches answers for these questions, putting an emphasis on methods of gamification and the idea of a livable city and smart city. So far we organised the conference in 2014 and 2015, showcasing Hungarian and international best practices, including practical elements, thus the participants could not only hear theoretically about gamification, but could also experience it through an urban game. In 2015 we also organised a three-day workshop on gamification and urban game design.

Organizer: Mindspace
Web: Mind the Game conference 2014   |  Mind the Game conference 2015

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As I walk between the high tables set up in the back of the room, I realize these participants are exchanging project information, contacts, ideas and aspirations for a better city.

Mindspace founders and volunteers work hand in hand concluding and perfecting the last-minute details of the long-awaited urban game that is set to begin in a few hours.

The first Smart City conference of Budapest was organized by Mindspace on the 6-7th of October, focusing on gamification, which is not a well-known topic here, in Hungary yet.