Teleki square rehabilitation - community design

Újirány Landscape Architect Group has a history of community involvement in urban planning. Harmonizing local needs and urban renewal plans of decision makers is a great challenge and a positive new trend. The renewal of Teleki square in the VIIIth district of Budapest was implemented within the Magdolna Quarter III Renewal Programme. Besides renovating the facades of the surrounding buildings, the special character of the planning was that the locals were involved in the process of defining the functions of the future community park. In 2013 Újirány Group managed a 10-week-long cooperation of locals and the municipality in order to get the most out of the project. How can this project contribute to SC Budapest During the project the local goverment and the local citizens were involved in a cooperative consultation process, creating real value for the people who will actually use the renovated community space, treating it as their own and contributing to neighbours becoming a community. Smart City elements: Smart Governance Project owner: Local goverment of the VIII. district, Újirány Landscape Architect Group Website: