As I walk between the high tables set up in the back of the room, I realize these participants are exchanging project information, contacts, ideas and aspirations for a better city.

Mindspace founders and volunteers work hand in hand concluding and perfecting the last-minute details of the long-awaited urban game that is set to begin in a few hours.

The second Smart City Budapest Conference,  Mind the Game, took place on the 6th to 9th October, and was organized by Mindspace. 

The first Smart City conference of Budapest was organized by Mindspace on the 6-7th of October, focusing on gamification, which is not a well-known topic here, in Hungary yet.

The project, ÖkoCIKLI (“recocycle”) is about recyclable waste delivery with cargo-bikes. We are using special rickshaws and some additional system to deliver the waste from non-public sector to recycling facilities.

We have projects linked to the Danube by which we try to show people how the river banks can be used apart from highways on both sides. We first had the Danube Trail project.

We investigated, drummed, hugged, learned by playing and celebrated, the colours of the river are still in the cafes and pubs of the city centre.

Mindspace will give a presentation about the Smart City Budapest initiative at the New ways of Innovation - international cooperation of communities conference.

I believe that such interventions that promote cooperation, interaction and participation, through which strong local community identity can be developed, play an ever important role in societies of today.

The next generations are the key to this change, with (the right) education and respect, so we all can share the streets, cars, buses, motorcycles… we have hope, and we’re working on this to get the things done in a very good way.

The community spaces will be spreading. Green corridors in the city, which have got good accessibilities and complex functions and these are improving the quality of the life of Budapest.

Our participation in Smart City Budapest initiative is part of our sponsor activities in urbanism. We support such initiatives with our professional, infrastructural and communication background.