When it comes down to cultural-based neighbourhood revitalization a limbo appears time to time among the Valencian Municipality and the public, that has brought radical changes in local urban vision and appraisal.

Mindspace team held a Space Senzation workshop at a public park, during this year’s reSITE conference, in Prague. We invited participants, to take some deep breath, notice the levels of sounds around and within them, and slowly dissolve from everyday’s thoughts and arrive to the state of full, and non-judgemental reception. The tasks varied. Some did a ‘turtle walk’, after Walter Benjamin, who did this provocative actions on the streets of Paris back then to call attention on and express his critical attitude toward the uniformity and speed of modern urban life and capitalist society.

Rákóczi Hangreality is the voice of reality. The sound collage series was created for the Budapest100 2018, a civil urban festival held at the beginning of May. The festival grew out itself and instead of opening the gates of 100 years old houses, moved toward showing the public squares of Budapest. That’s how Mindspace team got involved and added some extra program elements in the 8th district.

After the autumn defibrillation of Rákóczi Square we were already pondering about the future of the Market Hall’s neighborhood and on how to open up possibilities for the revived community. 

Despite the winter weather of March we started to explore the Rákóczi Square with a team of 5 youngsters. This first phase of our program was about collecting data and experiences. 

Budapest is an open book, you just have to look around and read through the lines.

Short summary about our one and a half years activities in Shared Cities: Creative Momentum project. What is the meaning of "Shared" for us?

Four days happenings about the Rakoczi square, on the Rakoczi square, with people from the Rakoczi square. In mid-September for four days we moved in the Rakoczi Market Hall to fulfil our plans. 

 The goal of this research is to map out the different nightlife facilities and figure out what sort of difficulties these enterprises face in running their businesses.

As part of Shared Cities: Creative Momentum project, I am researching the attractions of public life.

To understand processes and changes in your neighbourhood, it can be helpful to dive into these problems in order to change them in your own neighbourhood. 

Mindspace team met and discussed with Margarita Gomez and Pablo Ignacio about Public Policy Lab.