Youthful momentum of the Rákóczi square

Despite the winter weather of March (or thanks to it) we started to explore the Rákóczi Square with a team of 5 youngsters. This first phase of our program was about collecting data and experiences.

As in a game the participants took task cards which guided them in choosing a unique focus to explore the market hall and its surroundings. These tasks varied from unusual space usage (slow walking, hide and seek, tracking, stalking), through observation of people, special places, objects, or phenomena to collection of items. 


We documented the process in different ways: photo, voice memo, text writing, objects collecting. In the second half of the program, we arranged the collected materials at the Lumen Workshop, created jointly a mental map and everyone could start working on one side of the Zine publication. Since none of the participants knew the site before, it was interesting to see what they consider important from the new environment, what they found worthy for observation, and what ideas these experiences initiated in them. As a result of the introductory game, the youngsters aged 13 to 14 were primarily created fictions and investigative stories about their experiences. Such a reversal of phenomena has also transformed the Rákóczi square into a venue for an imaginary game for that day. The locals became actors in the story, everyday objects, space and street elements have been transformed into an exhibition, which was presented in an artistic shape on the finalized Zin pages. 

Surely the age of the participating group determines what comes to the center of the observation so we consider it a good idea to continue, and we recommend it to city explorers of any age, regardless of how well they know the given space or how interesting the site is for them at first blink.

Organizers: Dorottya Poór, Ráhel Monory, Dániel Makkai

The program was created through the cooperation of Mindspace and Átváltozó Egyesület.

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Zin making workshop
03 /03/2018
Lumen Café - Rákóczi Square

Posted: 03/13/07
Text: Dániel Makkai