Working with you for a better city

Working with you for a better city - this is the aim of Mindpsace’s launched initiative and online platform, Better Budapest.

The Manifesto and the eDemocracy Platform allow citizens to share ideas, knowledge and best practices for grassroots actions. In its first round Better Budapest is focusing on the 8th district of Budapest but on a long run Mindspace hopes that by Better Budapest citizens will take on a more active participatory role and their shared ideas will be considered as basis for urban developments.

Better Budapest is a Mindspace initiative under Shared Cities: Creative Momentum. We are on a mission to improve the quality of life in European cities. By exploring aspects of sharing and urban design we are creating new ways of living in our cities. Together. We discuss, share experiences and act together to design the collaborative action plan of the 8th district of Budapest based on the smart city concept.

Shared Cities: Creative Momentum brings together eleven organisations from Belgrade, Berlin, Bratislava, Budapest, Katowice, Prague and Warsaw to create a space for architecture, art, urbanism and the sharing economy and to contribute to the transformation of urban life.

Text: Emese Nánási