Summary of "Mind the game" - Smart City Conference 2014

The first Smart City conference of Budapest called Mind the Game was organized by Mindspace on the 6-7th of October, focusing on gamification, which is not a well-known topic here, in Hungary yet. We focused on presenting the initiative and motivational power of games, and on showing their inherent opportunities. Besides dealing with theory, practice was dominant as well, since games work truly in practice. The participants could experience in real what playing and gameful learning is like.

The first day of the conference started with an urban game indeed. The participants met in Akvárium Club on Erzsébet square on the 6th of October at 6 p.m. 8-10 participants formed a team and they started walk on the secret path of the game. The teams had to pass along in a determined order on spots of the city centre and complete different and at the same time, playful and funny tasks. For the completed ones the teamsreceived tokens and letters. They could puzzle the final destination, which was a secret until the very end. It was Lumen Café. Most of the tasks of teams were about involving bypassers. There were tasks like riding a velocipede, guerilla gardening, singing or passing balls. In return for gained tokes the participants could consume in Lumen Café for free.
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On the next day there were many attendees, who have already participated the urban game, which gave the conference a friendly atmosphere right from the start. The conference took place in the auditorium of Prezi HQ in Nagymező St., which was an excellent venue for hosting 200 participants. There was a vibrant life in the cafeteria during breaks, and the conference went with a swing in the amphitheatre, where the presenters and the audience could sit close during the professional program.

In the first, theoriticial section we could get an insight into gamification and into motivation through this tool.
The next section was the international stage of best practices, where the greatest examples for initiation were shown from Berlin to Valencia. In the last section the representatives of different fields introduced themselves: presenters who use gamificiation in their everyday work.
The third section was closed with an extraordinary and enjoyable singing by the participants all together.
As the last professional program, the three winners of the Smart City Lab proposal by Design Terminal was introduced to the audience.

The tired participants could relax and talk to the presenters informally with a fine glass of wine in their hands by the end of the day. Games and gamification were present on the second day of the conference as well. Everyone could share their thoughts about cities, the participants could only get their coffee by finding their pairs based on the card they had picked at the entrance.

After lunchbreak everyone got a piece of paper with people’s new places on it, as they didn’t sit back to their usual seats but to new ones with new neighbors. They took part in the energizer games in the new teams. After the first section 6 projects from Budapest presented their projects and the audience could vote on the ones they liked the best. The winner was Cycling City, they got 250.000 HUF out of the entrance fee to establish their ideas next year.

Thanks for the support to the Visegrád Fund, who provided the needed sources for organizing the conference, and thanks to the city of Budapest as well. Special thanks to Prezi, who made the venue available for us. To be continued next year...
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