Rákóczi Hangreality is the voice of reality. The sound collage series was created for the Budapest100 2018, a civil urban festival held at the beginning of May. The festival grew out itself and instead of opening the gates of 100 years old houses, moved toward showing the public squares of Budapest. That’s how Mindspace team got involved and added some extra program elements in the 8th district. Getting inspired from the festival’s base concept of opened houses, these unusual soundtracks allowed us to enter the hidden stories that happen behind the walls of Rákóczi Square and hear something soundwise that we not usually have access to - or surely not like this.

The participants received a headset, a map and a list of soundtrack and plenty of time to wander around the square and inside the Market Hall or other local businesses. The soundwalk scraped up different layers of the neighbourhood’s history and present from how the Rákóczi girls made their business, why the African hairdresser started his studio here, how the new metro or the market rumble and what Rákóczi Cartel members do here. Intrigues, gossips, music, clatter of plates and murmurs of voices and such. There was an opened call for citizens to send sound elements and the location of recording, that our voice sculptor, David Somló fitted in the big picture.