SCB 2014-2020 – Urban experimentation

The Smart City Budapest initiative has come a very exciting way in the last 7 years, and this website summarizes the results of this period and makes it searchable for everyone. The initiative was managed by Mindspace team. We have always been interested in the concept of a livable city, and luckily we had several major tender projects that have helped us run the site and create fresh content. The page will no longer be updated from 2021, so there may be information on the page that is no longer current.

In 2013, the site was launched to report - in Hungarian and English - on bottom-up initiatives in Budapest that are in some way related to the concept of the smart city. In the beginning, we organized several local events involving the strength of the community and tried to shape the attitudes of the inhabitants. From 2017, the focus of the site was the Rákóczi Square market and its neighborhood. As part of the Shared Cities: Creative Momentum international project, we tried to revitalize the neighborhood, showing residents what the concept of a livable city means and how important community strength is.

Many of us have worked on this site with great joy and enthusiasm and we are proud because this news has reached many corners of the world through the site. We hope that those who read these stories will draw some inspiration and create something new, based on these projects.

Fotók: Alisa Anton és Kiki Siepel az Unsplash oldalról.

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