reSITE - Space Sensation Workshop

Mindspace team held a Space Senzation workshop at a public park, during this year’s reSITE conference, in Prague. We invited participants, to take some deep breath, notice the levels of sounds around and within them, and slowly dissolve from everyday’s thoughts and arrive to the state of full, and non-judgemental reception. The tasks varied. Some did a ‘turtle walk’, after Walter Benjamin, who did this provocative actions on the streets of Paris back then to call attention on and express his critical attitude toward the uniformity and speed of modern urban life and capitalist society.

The chair arranger group rethought and played around the primary and secondary seating surfaces of the square, which brought in the often used concepts of Jan Gehl, urban planner. One architect needed to sketch up the the square bindly and without questions asked, only based on a description of another, unlike minded participant. To avoid frustration they had to come to  a common wavelength. Our favorite task was to select rapidly a random person, and from a 3 meters distance follow to any public place s/he walks to and imitate the style and rhythm of walking, until they almost became one. Some of these ideas were pre-tested in Budapest’s 8th district with the leading of David Somló. We closed the workshop in Prague with a sharing circle, to hear how participants put up with reconnecting themself and their environment, and whether they have received a differents segments on space experience.

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