Research on the nightlife in district VII & VIII in Budapest

My name is Lauren van der Meer. As an intern at Mindspace non-profit Ltd. I am doing research on the nightlife of the city. This research will be used in the Better Budapest document, which is part of Shared Cities: Creative Momentum project.

In this research, I am focusing on the nightlife in Palota Negyed and Csarnok Negyed in District 8. The goal of this research is to map out the different types, the location and the other statistics of the nightlife facilities in this area and figure out what sort of difficulties these enterprises face in running their businesses. This research is using interviews with bar owners in the area, observations and mapping. The results will be presented in a report with all the processed data, maps, schematic drawings, graphs and tables.

So far, I have spoken to three bar owners in District 8 and the owner of Szimpla in District 7. We talked about different subjects like: the conflict between residents, bar owners and the government, noise pollution, waste management and tourism. We also spoke about possible solutions like the Night Mayor project. The results of the interviews are now being processed into conclusions.

Furthermore, I have collected data from all the bars, cafés and clubs from Palota Negyed and Csarnok Negyed. This data is now documented and is ready for statistical analysis.

End of November is the deadline of this research. I am looking forward to draw conclusions of my research and to give recommendations that will help organise the nightlife here in Budapest.

Text: Lauren van der Meer
Photo: David Johnson (Flickr)
Published: 07.11.2017