Rákóczi Recreation - A Remedy Station Against Winter Depression

One of the cartel members of Mindspace has changed function. The former BRFK photo gallery in Víg Street 20 was reborn as a local experimental club called Rákócity. But what does this mean? A free small space open to the public, where anyone can organize programs for a few weeks. Mindspace also won't hide, as they actively plan to implement various projects in Rákócity. 


For example, the starter program came out of their head. Rákóczi Recreation will run until the first week of March, a remedy station against winter depression in the middle of the concrete desert. Organaizing this project was just as exciting as the finished product itself. The equipment was completly made up of offerings. First, a call was published on facebook, where plants that became boring to someone or there were just too many for them, were collected. In the so formed jungle, the Mindspace team added two deck chairs and a relaxing music playlist created specifically for this project. The program could be booked throught a reservation system, one hour for one or two persons. The end result just speaks for itself, in a few days the whole event was booked full. 


Coming from the downtown concrete enviroment to this green oasis, city dwellers can rest. In addition, the color green and the proximity to nature boosts creativity. During these one-hour courses, life slows down and nobody has to rush. The place also interacts with people as the calmness is scattered around the city with them. But it's not only good for us. It is good for the Rákóczi square as well, that many people come here to relax and to enjoy themselves. Moreover, it puts a good impression on the square's enviroment. 


After this project, the collected plants move inside the Rákóczi Hall to create a green zone in the market. This will also be community-based. The experimental club continues to host events. A variety of programs are excepted next, such as a stamp workshop or a gentrification film week. 

Published: 16/02/19
Text: Lola Pusztai