Nikiszowiec, an example of good revitalisation change

During September 13-14 2019 Mindspace visited Katowice along with Marek Ladiver from Stara Trznica, Bratislava. The main task was to meet with Stowarzyszenie FIL - a local civil organization in Nikiszowiec and have discussion about each others' situation and to exchange views. Nikiszowiec.


The former workers' district of Nikiszowiec is home to some highly unique early 20th century architecture as well as a modern art gallery, a magnificent church, and a few additional attractions. Cafes and culture are now beginning to creep into this part of town and tourists are no longer wanderers. Nikisz Fair is an event with an over 10-year tradition, which is currently organized by Stowarzyszenie FIL. Its origin has a very local context, connected with the local community, its leaders and the situation of Nikiszowiec at that time. Since 2018 the City Katowice has become an official co-organiser of the Nikisz Fair, this shows how big event it has become. It started to take more place in the area, bigger budget, more management and more exhibitors. But what has not changed is the people, the residents and the animators involved in the event, as well as the idea of promoting Nikiszowiec as a place of positive revitalisation change.


The people from Stowarzyszenie also told the story of Nikiszowiec way before the place became trendy and the Nikisz fair: the houses were black from the former coal mine. It scared people away, nobody liked to be there. It was a bad neighbourhood, with Ultras running around and with zero sense of community. But the visiting team saw nothing of this - nowadays Nikiszowiec is a quiet, good looking place with a very cute cafe on it's main square - they enjoyed the next morning sunshine right there with the locals. 


On the second day, all of them attended the NGO festival - a festival for any social and civil work. Mindspace brought with them a little magazine about market life in Europe nowadays's and it's future.


Supported by the Visegrad Fund