Mindspace Volunteer Meeting

Last year, the first Mindspace voluntary meeting was held, which proved to be popular. That's why it took place again, this year on February 4th, in the big hall of Lumen Cafe. The Mindspace team has been surprised, as more than 60 people have appeared and many have joined as a volunteer. 


But why was this event so important? The Mindspace team's goal is a more liveable and interesting city. Community building is also a part of their strategy and the voluntary program resonates with it quite well. By allowing anyone to apply, they provide the opportunity for those who live around to actively particpate in improving their very own neighborhoods. All knowledge can be used in some way and welcomed, you can join as a gardener, an electrician or a programmer. Mindspace would like to involve both the residents of the neighbourhood and also those who interested, as the city is for everyone.


The session on February 4th started with a 72-page slide presented by Kobrizsa Ádám about this year's projects and program plan. Then, there were five tables available for those wishing to apply, with five categories. From participation in events in the Rákóczi Hall to content production. In addition, all individual ideas or project concepts have been gathered. This is also essential, as Mindspace is happy to give a team or help in any other ways to accomplish those plans. In this way inviting everyone to participate in creating a better place. 

Published: 05/02/19
Text: Lola Pusztai