Livable VIII district - Dutch interns at Mindspace

Frank Meijer and Daan Sanders are two Urban Planning students from the NHTV university in the Netherlands, located in Breda. For the coming three months they will work at Mindspace for their internship, as part of the Shared Cities project. For them Mindspace is a very interesting company because it is dealing with trending topics and is tackling problems in a local and informal way.

Frank and Daan are very interested in the relationship between cities and its people, because of this interest and curiosity they will do a research about the possibilities for improvement of the liveability in District VIII and how we can make the citizens and local actors more active in this process. For them District VIII is a very interesting district because it’s diverse and it is in a big gentrification process. The aim is to make District VIII, in particular the Palace District, more liveable. The points of improvement will derive from their own research and input from local inhabitants, local actors (shops, restaurants etc.) and other users of the district. Important for the implementation of these recommendations is creating a network between local actors and create a central vision and plan of execution. This project will function as a pilot study, or process, which could be implemented in other cities in the Shared Cities project.

It’s not the first time that Frank and Daan visited Budapest, they visited the city as a tourist more than once. ‘We both love the city very much, the atmosphere, the architecture, the stunning sights and its culture. Because of our interest in foreign cultures and human behaviour, in relationship with urban planning, we thought Mindspace would be a perfect host for these three months’.