Attractions of Public Life at Rákóczi Tér

I am a Dutch student from the NHTV University of Breda. My name is René Wezenberg, and I’m doing my internship at Mindspace Non-Profit Ltd. in Budapest. As part of the Better Budapest Shared Cities project, I am researching the attractions of public life. This means studying the indicators of a liveable public space. This will be implemented and applied to the Rákóczi square in Budapest. Some questions kept in mind are why some places are successful and lively while others are not. What draws the public to a certain area and what are the values of this?

The research consists of the benefits of successful public spaces, the many pointers for a popular place, and quantitative data about citizen’s opinions of the Rákóczi square. All this information helps to understand why people would be attracted to a place, or why not. The statistics will later be visualised, published and shared with the Better Budapest project.

Until now, I have researched the advantages and defined the indicators of a liveable public space. I have gathered over 150 surveys for further data collection on the different opinions and experiences of people at the Rákóczi square. I am currently working on the visualisation of this data and the finalisation of the research report. In the end of the document, possible recommendations will be discussed.

At Mindspace, I receive all the necessities and resources to maximise the best results for my research. They offer opportunities to expand my personal knowledge and to gain experience in the working field. Mindspace is a very suitable organisation for projects like this since their focus is mainly on citizen involvement in urban planning events.

Text and photo: René Wezenberg
Published: 07.11.2017