Valyo is an independent organization of citizens of Budapest, who share the enthusiasm for the river Danube and want to make the city a better place to live. The name of our group Valyo originates from merging the Hungarian words for City (Város) and River (folyó). Today the downtown of Budapest is separated from the river Danube by the traffic of the embankments on both sides.

At Valyo, we try to find ways to reconnect the city with its greatest natural gem, the Danube. We believe that the river bank is a perfect location for sports, cultural events and other leisure activities. We have organized events such as stone-skipping championship, petanque championship, a mobile sauna and a three-week long cultural festival amongst others at the riverbank, and designed several public-art installations, which were part of the Danube Infotrail.

We would like everyone to be able to make the most of the Danube. We would like the city to be associated with the river running through it. We would like the people living here to discover their own city and river, to realize that the river is a part of our environment. We would like the people of Budapest to mark the Danube on their mental map.

Plans have been set forward before to rebuild the river bank, but they either disregarded the need of people driving to work (by closing down the embankments completely), or they found extremely expensive ways to solve these problems (such as diverting traffic of the embankments into underwater tunnels). We believe that we can become closer to our river without causing conflict of interest between the commuters and future Danube-goers, and that we can accomplish this on a low-budget. The Valyo group is discussing continuously this topic with all stakeholders involved, such as the City Hall of Budapest, other NGO’s and architecture experts as well as international partners.

If you are interested in any of our projects, or would like to cooperate with us, feel free to contact us!