Pollinator Path in the downtown

Seven pieces of knowledge about covering one’s body, seven great powers, eight secrets aboutcaring for one’s body, ten fairy lessons and twelve tasty tricks. Pollinator Path (‘Porzó Korzó’) project is a themed-educational path with mini-gardens.

Climate Embassy Association has established Pollinator Path in the summer of 2012 and 2013 in the centre of Budapest. The olfactory and tactile exhibition shows us plants that are closely linked to our lives, although we can usually encounter them only as finished products. The exhbition was inspired by the Eden Project, one of the UK's top gardens and environmental tourist attractions. Similar to Eden's communicaton style, Pollinator Path shares exciting information and interesting stories about plants, as an example of 21th education.

How can this project contribute to SC Budapest
Beside knowledge transfer, the aim of the project is helping city people to discover the amazing world of plants and the fact that they are part of their every day lives via the eye-catching installations, exciting stories, games and events, which were organised connected to the outdoor exhibition. And all this right in the city centre.

Smart City elements: Smart People, Smart Living

Project owner: Climate Embassy Association
Website: http://www.klimanagykovetseg.hu/projektek/porzo-korzo-belvarosi-novenysi...