Plants as integrated part of modern urban life

Since the first Plantwall was built back in 2006, Green Fortune has completed over 230 Plantwall projects in 16 different countries. Green Fortune is an international organisation, their vision is Urban Cultivation. It stems from a fictive future where plants and cultivation has become a more integrated part of modern urban life. Both for various functions, as well as soul replenishment. They use the Urban Cultivation vision to extract products and projects as stepstones towards the future.

Greenfortune Hungary has taken a step forward, beside building Plantwalls, it is focusing on green area development, corporate social responsibility, R&D, environmental education and green office concept as well. It's team is part of many different environmental projects, such as designing and establishing gardens in autism care homes, orphanages, schools and kindergardens or get involved into researches connected to new plant growth technologies. How can this project contribute to SC Budapest Green buildings is one of the axes of Smart Environment element. The vision of Green Fortune Hungary about nature focused architecture and the idea of having plants around us in cities, as integrated part of our modern urban lives is truly a Smart City intention.

Smart City elements: Smart Environment Project
owner: Green Fortune Hungary