Pet IT

Pet it is an experimental project to form a movement creates a system out of food left-overs of restaurants and the local pet owner community around them in order to reduce environmental impact and save money. The left-overs and kitchen remainings (meat, vegetables) can be perfect food for your pets (cats, dogs, etc.) Restaurants in the network offer the left-overs packed in a dedicated plastic box (marked with the type of food and with a date) and place it in a lock up Pet it fridge in or outside the place. By registering at the Pet it Facebook page, the users – the pet owners around the place – receive a code and then are able to open the fridge nearby and take the left-overs in a Pet it box. The boxes are made out of environment friendly, reusable plastic and should be brought back clean and placed on top of the fridge after use.

How can this project contribute to SC Budapest?
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Smart City elements: Smart Economy, Smart People, Smart Living

Project owner: Fictionlab and OS Kantine