Jewish Quarter of Budapest for children

Special guide for children between 8 and 13 edited by kultúrAktív Association

The Jewish Quarter of Budapest for Children forms part of a set of workbooks titled Your City. This publication is the first about Budapest in the series of guides presenting other
Hungarian towns like Pécs and Eger, or former Hungarian cities like Sepsiszentgyörgy (Sfantu Georghe). The Budapest series starts with a very complex and interesting architectural and cultural site to explore the former Jewish Quarter.

With this set of books we are determined to have the children investigate their own surroundings playfully so that they know their local values better and form it with more responsibility. This book presents a complex image of the city including the architecture, the green areas, the personal aspects, the multicultural population, the institutes of the city management and infrastructure. Our publication shows the city for the children as a living complex instead of isolated fragments. It tells them about its past and present together with its problems and abilities. We hope this makes the children feel responsibility about their personal surroundings and their town and growing up it also makes them thinking of its future.

Project owner: kultúrAktív Association