The Jam Garden - an orchard grows in the heart of Kispest

Students made models, drawings and other concepts to help us develop the garden's design. We did 'living models' in the schoolyard to help the students get the basics of spatial planning (and they also had a lot of fun). We asked them to interview their grandma, elderly neighbors and other people who could talk about how fruit was grown and harvested in the 'old days' before it came from Tesco!

The garden -- which began construction last fall and will be completed in the spring -- will include a pergola with an outdoor classroom, a vegetable garden with a separate parcel for each class, bird baths made from upcycled materials, and several dozen fruit trees, most of them native.

How can this project contribute to SC Budapest
We're promoting urban gardening, food security, interactive educational tools and healthy eating for the next generation. We're also creating a community space that the whole district is welcome to come enjoy.

Smart city elements: Smart People, Smart Environment

Project owner: Artemisia Landscape Design/Kristin Faurest, lead designer