I'm a City Gardener: bringing gardening back into the inner city

I'm a City Gardener is meant to interest primary and secondary school kids in the possibilities of growing their own food and ornamental plants in the city, and building their knowledge about the urban ecosystem. It's also meant to help foster intergenerational or intercultural relationships through the mosaic of gardening. The English-language original is called Garden Mosaics and was published by Cornell University in the U.S.

Project owners: Contemporary Architecture Center, Young Greens and Kristin Faurest/Artemisia Landscape Design.

How can this project contribute to SC Budapest
Bringing gardening into the city helps promote local food production, food security and a greener urban environment. Reduced package waste and reduced transportation costs are a couple of the benefits as well. Also, gardening promotes strong community ties -- an intangible but extremely important measure of a smart city.

The book is available for free download.

Smart City element: Smart Environment, Smart Living