Green future in Budapest - interview

What are the traditions of greenery in public spaces in Hungary?
The topic is hot among professionals for a long time, but it received wider interest few years ago. Different technologies appeared, which are visible and enjoyable more and more places. You don't have to think only in vertical gardening, the crop and vegetables production are used practices in households and institutions. According to our experience the demand for green inner spaces is growing both from the aspect of social and economical point of view.

Do you consider outdoor projects along the indoor solutions? Is it realistic to use green building shading in Budapest?
It is realistic. We are exploring good ideas and best practices in the field of outdoor solutions. We are thinking in modular solutions which have efficient functions all year long. Architects and urban planners recognized the possibilities of green solutions, so whole parts of the city could be transformed in the close future. The extremity of the climate in cities concern Budapest as well, but with good planned green areas we can adapt. The topic can be further extended to rainwater management and urban wildlife.

Where does the inspiration come from?
We try to keep our eyes open. This new community interested in smart city concept gives us more and more inspiration and challenges. The citizens started to inquire about nature, what we lost in the whirl of our cities. We are seeking to create new gardens from offices to children's home and help people using them. We gather lots of experiences and inspirations as well.

What dou you think about the future of Budapest concerning the green direction and the smart city concept?
The community spaces will be spreading. Green corridors in the city, which have got good accessibilities and complex functions and these are improving the quality of the life of Budapest.

Interview with Tamás Koltai