Danube Flow - Danube calling!

Danube Flow - Danube Calling aims to draw the attention of the people to the beautiful river, the Danube by organizing events and creating various installations at different spots. Through these experiences the inhabitants get to know the river better, use its banks and discover the proximity of nature in the heart of Budapest. The project started in 2012 and fills the city with vibes since then. In the main focus of Danube Flow are the environmental education, rehabilitation of the river banks, eco-tourism and cooperations. Every year Mindspace team organizes events with their partners together on the Danube embankment on special days. The main event of the flow is the Danube Day. From 2013 they aim to show the events not only in Budapest, as they participated in the events in other Hungarian cities, connected to the Danube. Furthermore they are open to international cooperations, they are founding members of Danube Cultural Claster. In 2013 Get Inspired by the Danube - toolkit was especially emphasized, as it included newer games and a one-man performance for children. Danube Flow's motto is: get know the river, so you could love it. How can this project contribute to SC Budapest Danube Flow by motivation, raising awareness and education of local population on the beauty, value and importance of the river Danube helps people to live their lives more culturally vibrant, but still conscious of the environment. The project's massage is that people should get know and protect the Danube, because it is not an obsticle in traffic or an indifferent item, but an endless opportunity for making city life more vibrant and happy.

Smart City elements: Smart Living, Smart People, Smart Environment
project owner: Mindspace
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Project duration: 2012-2014