Cycle to work campaign

Hungarian Cyclist Club is an NGO promoting cycling as a very important element of sustainable urban mobility, having a holisitc view of this complex system.

The Cycle to work campaign was first launched in 2008 and is on for a month twice a year since then. During the campaign period employees can register the distance and the frequency they biked to work and also extra features like biking in suit or skirt or combined with other modes of public transport. The nation-wide running campaign integrates gamification elements and is very succesful in raising awareness of cycling as a way of commuting.

How can this project contribute to SC Budapest
Promoting the use of bikes for daily commuting is an important step towards sustainable smart mobility. It is a very positive aspect of the campaign that it integrates the other modes of public transport, suggesting a holistic view on smart mobility.

Smart City element: Smart Mobility

Project owner: Hungarian Cyclist Club