Újirány Group

Újirány Group – Office for Architecture, Landscape architecture, Form, Media
(UIArchitects-UILandscape Architects, UIForm, UIMedia)

Development in the scenes of technology, science, economy and media constantly result changes in the demands of society. The cue of time is revaluated in the process of spatial design, as flexible concepts are needed to be set up to reflect on these changing demands. The role of concepts becomes more and more essential, legalizing the given plan. Our concepts are points determined by the coordinates of time and space, which create new meanings and value, meanwhile becoming newstarting points of new design processes, to assure continuity. Mapping these points in a system of coordinates the concepts are starting points from which the inspired plans draw up the direction of the vectors. These create the new directions within the system.
Új Irány csoport 2002