Why does Design Terminal support SCB?

Why did Design Terminal join the initiative Smart City Budapest?
Design Terminal has parallel roles as initiator, sponsor and host company in various fields of creative industry: industrial design, fashion, technology and urbanism. Our participation in Smart City Budapest initiative is part of our sponsor activities in urbanism. We support such initiatives with our professional, infrastructural and communication background. As it organizes a community for those those professionals who have valid and current ideas about smart development possibilities, Smart City Budapest helps to create the most competitive ecosystem for creative industry in Central-Europe.

How do you determine smart city?
When the urban planner doesn't think he is smarter than the urban residents.

What do you think are the most important tasks in Budapest for it to become a real smart city in the next couple of decades?
Relations with the city has to be clear and transparent for citizens and creative businesses, for initiatives which mostly define the character of our community. Those productive initiatives which can create high quality projects therefore add values to the city brand, have to be engaged by easier administration and a friendlier economic environment. Budapest should provide opportunity to take part in the pre-decision discussions for all those organizations and businesses who are committed to our city’s future (Prezi, LogMeIn, Ustream, Kitchen Budapest, Moholy-Nagy University of Arts and Design, Contemporary Architecture Centre and many more). Finally, governmental and municipal efforts are needed to brand Budapest trough high-quality international events, fairs, professional exhibitions and conferences, parallel to which an open and transparent sponsoring system is needed for the smaller scale, grass-roots events as well.

What is your favorite project in Budapest, which promotes sustainable development of the city?
My favorite is "Your Place, Your Success" campaign which draws attention to a global problem of the city, the abundance of empty commercial spaces. This campaign came from the idea of Sándor Finta and Attila Ughy and it's supported by Design Terminal.

What similar projects is Design Terminal involved in?
It is an honor to lead the Supporting Environment Working Group at the Ministry of National Economy, aiming to shape a new, complex strategy for supporting innovative business in Hungary. Through a professional dialogue we determined the possible state-level and governmental measures which can help these businesses to operate in a more simple and more productive way in a reasonable timeframe. We are optimistic.

Interview with Gergely Böszörményi (strategic director of Design Terminal)