Danube Flow – Danube Calling! 2014

We investigated, drummed, hugged, learned by playing and celebrated, the colours of the river are still in the cafes and pubs of the city centre. We love Danube, and we believe that more and more people like it.

Danube Flow by motivation, raising awareness and education of local population on the beauty, value and importance of the river Danube helps people to live their lives more culturally vibrant, but still conscious of the environment. The project's massage is that people should get know and protect the Danube, because it is not an obsticle in traffic or an indifferent item, but an endless opportunity for making city life more vibrant and happy.

About this year:
We prepared a gripping thriller on the World Water Day. At the next Danube programme, which was organized on the Earth Day we drummed and sang, to greet the Mother Earth in the Chain Bridge Park. As in previous years the program was the same on the Children's Day and on the International Danube Day in Győr and Budapest: the environmental educational toolkit and concerts entertained the visitors. In the project called Danube on the Menu, furniture receives were painted to Danube colours in the partner cafeterias and pubs.

This year our largest undertake was the Hug the Danube! action. The idea was that people stand on and between the Liberty Bridge and the Elisabeth bridge, and they hug the Danube by holding each other hands. We prepared it for months. We can only estimate the number of the participants but about 700-1000 people appeared to show to their love for Danube based on the photos and the reports of the coordinators. We could deliver our message: the Danube is lovable, Budapest is wonderful, and one of the most beautiful parts of the city is the riverbank, it’s deserves to be an urban space.