What is 'Smart City Budapest' Initiative?

Between 2014-2020 the Smart City Budapest (SCB) Initiative collected mostly grassroot organisations and projects in Budapest that fit the smart city concept. SCB Initiative aimed to introduce best practices from businesses, institutions, non-profit organisations and the people of Budapest. With knowledge transfer our goal is to encourage citizens to take actions for a better city. A city is smart when investments in capital and communication infrastructure fuel sustainable economic growth and a high quality of life, in combination with an efficient use of natural resources. But a smart city doesn't exist without smart citizens.

Projects highlight

A free Budapest map made by locals to guide young travelers through the locals’ favorite places in the Hungarian capital.

Danube Flow - Danube Calling aims to draw the attention of the people to the beautiful river, the Danube by organizing events and creating various installations at different spots.

Local food for cats, dogs and plants…

Our news

The Smart City Budapest initiative has come a very exciting way in the last 7 years, and this website summarizes the results of this period and makes it searchable for everyone.

The project was a great way to share our experiences of working with markets in urban areas. 

For the past two years (2018-19), we have been trying to shake up Rákóczi square in the VIIIth district of Budapest. In October we had our final mini-festival, the 5th Rákóczisquaring.